Saturday, September 5, 2009

Interesting Puasa

Actually keinginanku untk kemaskini blog tertunda-tunda disebabkan masalah wireless kat ipgm ni.
Cuaca belakangan ni selalu hujan,berangin,mendung sedikit..mungkin ingin meringankan ibadah puasa bagi student kat sini.
Waktu berbuka memang lebih awal di sini,6.30 ptg.Aku memang menikmati waktu berbuka yang awal kat sini sebab selalunya
kalau kat semenanjung 7.25 baru berbuka.It reminds me to the memories while waiting time to break the fast with my bros,sis and parents.
I still remember that it is too long to wait untill,i'm here,i can feel breaking the fast early!
Eventhough its such a silly thing to others but for me its the first time.I got more new experience here especially in this Ramadan.
Yea,i must find 'somethings' interesting here in order to live happily here for 5 and half years more.Thats the advise from my counselor in UiTM Merbok.
She said that when i call her in my second week in this ipgm.I really confuse at that time because i feel like i had made the wrong choice to come to this
ipgm.But she said that "u can do ti!u can be succeed there,better than in uitm if u are patient.Try to find something interestss!It must be!"
Now i knew,i can see it a little by day,its becomes more meaningful.
We here,not only cook at surau for ;berbuka puasa' but also joining the tadarus Al-Quran after terawih.Its an advantage because the Pendidikan Agama Islam student (senior) will teach reciting the Al-Quran very well.They did that volunterily.

Its true that a little bit of inpatient may destroy a whole life but a little bit of patient will lead you to a something new and n beneficial that u learn.

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